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10 Quick Christmas Gift Ideas for Time Poor Crafty People

Every December, we realise we haven’t planned our projects and don’t have enough time to make that super cute Christmas jumper for your nephew who supports everything you do and equally dislikes what you make. This year, I drew our cousin in the Secret Santa/Kris Kringle draw. He is a vegan, loves environmentally friendly things, supports Aussie made and lives somewhere cold. Sweden? Scandinavia? Switzerland???? One of those.

Something handmade in vegan-friendly yarn felt like the right present for him, so I went researching. I decided that a large dishcloth made from Hobbii Bamboo Rainbow would be the perfect present along with coasters and a mug cosy. I think I have well and truly broken the budget, but they don’t know that 😉

So what else could you make to gift to your Secret Santa/KK that won’t break the bank and require a yarn order that may not arrive in time?

Here are my top 10 quick Christmas gift ideas.

1. Dishcloths

Let’s start with my large dishcloth. I literally made the pattern up using Lemon Peel stitch and made it within 3 days (I’m slow and was doing bits and pieces after dinner on the couch). I made a foundation chain of 60, starting with chain 3 and alternating foundation single and double crochet. At the end of the row, chain 3 and turn. SC and DC to the end. Repeat until it’s equally square. I ended up using a ball of Hobbii Bamboo Rainbow in Light Gray. The great thing about this is you can use any cotton-type material you have, foundation chain until you’re happy with the width and just make it.

2. Coasters


I know, I know. A bit cliche. But they are fun and quick, you cannot deny that! Coasters are great gifts for new homeowners, teachers, colleagues, your coffee-addicted aunt or an addition to your purchased gift to make up the minimum spend for your KK. And you are NOT limited to only making “working in the round” coasters! There are so many different types out there. Hobbii have a gorgeous free C2C coaster pattern here and you only need 100g of 8/4 Rainbow Cotton or any light weight 4 ply cotton yarn. 

3. Cup/Mug Cosy

Another cliche project, I know, but if you have the right audience, you’ll have a winner. The purpose of a cup or mug cosy is to keep the heat in the mug (don’t take this part too seriously) and to stop your bare hands from touching a vessel containing flaming hot lava that’ll burn your skin. If you know someone who doesn’t have any taste buds left because they frequently order magma temperature take-away coffees, or someone who doesn’t want an insulated reusable cup, this is your in! The picture above is for the Lattic Have Tea Cup Cozy by Sam Michele. It’s on Ravelry.

4. Pen or Stubby Holder

Okay, I am not just gonna write this list up without including my favourite FREE pattern by yours truly! My Universe Pen Stubby Holder is the perfect gift for teachers, students and drinkers. Any ribbon or cotton yarn held double or triple will do the trick for this one. Maybe an hour to make, and includes a fun new stitch you might not have tried before.

5. Water Bottle Holder

I found this great free pattern by Hobbii for a Bottle Holder. You only need 1 ball of 50g of Rainbow Cotton 8/8 or even light worsted yarn and maybe an hour to make it. This year I’m making one for each of the kids and have found cute little bottles to put in each one. It’s a great gift for kids, crazy active people, and those who work in the city. Work in the city? Yeah, think about it. Do you really wanna be walking around with your briefcase or oversized purse with an added 500ml drink bottle in your hand? Hell no! Carry it around your neck or over your shoulder. Winner, winner!

6. Headbands or Ear Warmers

This gift might take a little extra time (unless you have a knitting machine), but it will be worth it for your recipient. Another great gift for people who live in the cold, enjoy skiing, or work in freezers. Find some bright neon yarn for the hi-vis look. All their colleagues will be wanting their own. There are so many different designs out there, there is no shortage! But I’m going to show off my Suzie Q Headwrap.

7. Lanyards and Keychains

I once saw a post on Facebook of someone asking what gifts to give teachers. Lots of women commented with their handmade businesses of sugar cookies, lolly jars, and potpourri (yeah, that was an odd one). But then a teacher actually commented and said, “lanyards, keychains, stationary or just a simple note”. I would never have thought of it! This is a nice little extra you could add in a KK for your corporate uncle as well. There are plenty of patterns out there, but if you have an i-cord maker, now is the time to whip it out and save TIME! (Don’t forget to weave in your ends…)

8. Market Bags

The reason I’m giving you market bags and not a normal bag is because of the mesh/lace stitch and the time saved making them. This is a slightly larger project, so if you are going to make it, make sure you got nothing else on! This is one of those projects for those who look after the environment and actually reuse bags when they go shopping. Take this opportunity to fill the bag with your presents and show off how big it will grow! Give the French Market Bag by Alexandra Tavel of Two Of Wands a go!

9. Gift Card Holder

What a great way to dress up that boring gift card and also give someone a tiny wallet for when they can’t take their big one. Just type in the words “gift card” in Ravelry and be overwhelmed with options for your Secret Santa. One bit of advice. Avoid Christmas themes if you intend for your recipient to use them after the holiday season. The above is the Grogu Gift Card Holder by VirGigi Designs.

10. Hubble the Squid

Look. I know this is a slightly bigger project again, but I promise it’s quick and actually super f***ing easy to make. I’ve made heaps of them, and the kids LOVE Hubble! In fact, he was renamed “Squishy” because of Finding Nemo. This will require concentration, so again, make sure you got nothing else on. Cotton or durable superwash yarn is best for this baby, so avoid that super soft merino you’ve been hanging on to. It’s going to wear and tear. Hubble the Squid is by Projectarian and you can find the FREE pattern here.

Would you give any of these a go? Is there something else you would add to this list or something you don’t agree with? Tell me everything below!

Happy Crafting! xoxo


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