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TikTok’s Crojo Stash Bust // Basic Wall Hanging

This week’s Crojo Stash Bust was a great start to this series!

The wheel of fate was kind to me and let me dip my toe into the water instead of jumping in head first at the shallow end.

After finding out my fate, we went out to lunch and on our walk back home I found this little 25cm long stick. The ideas started swarming! As soon as I got home, I sat in my chair and thought what cotton could I use, then in the corner of my eye noticed the Scheejes Caton Denim, colour 103, just sitting on the shelve minding its own business. It was in a lucky dip bag I purchased years ago, and even though it is marked as fingering weight/4 ply, it’s thickness is more of a DK/8 ply, so I rolled with it.

Let’s get to the making!

What techniques you need to know:

Chain and HDC or HTR.

To make the exact one here, you’ll need:

  • 25g of Scheepjes Catona Denim, colour 103
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 25cm long stick
  • Scissors

Attaching the foundation row to the stick.

My video didn’t look great when I was attaching the yarn to the stick, so I will do my best to explain it here.

With a slip knot on your hook and yarn to the back, hold the stick under your hook. Bring your hook under the stick and pull up a loop. Yarn over the hook and pull through both loops. This is 1 stitch.

Repeat the above until you have 20 stitches on your stick.

Making the pattern.

Chain 2 at the start of each row, make a HDC (or HTR) in the first stitch and in each stitch across.

When you start the second row, grab the yarn tail and hold double until you are happy it’s woven in, and trim.

Repeat until you have 30 rows. On the last stitch of the 30th row, chain 1, cut yarn and pull through.

Making the fringe.

Using your hand, measure out 20 strands of yarn. Mine were approximately 20cms long.

Fold the yarn strand in half creating a loop at one end. Using my hook, insert into a stitch of the last row and pull the loop through. With both ends of the strand, yarn over the hook and pull them both through.

Once all strands are attached, give them a trim to even them out roughly.

Cut another strand of yarn, approximately 40cms and attached to the stock on each side of your work to create a hanger. You’re done!

This little babe might still be available in my store along with other handmade items.

What do you think? Have you made one? Will you make one? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Crafting! xoxo


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