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Tips & Ideas to Sell at a Market

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If you have ever wondered if you could create and sell handmade items, you most likely can! To get your product out there and in people’s faces, hitting up your local market is a great place to start..

This list is to give you ideas to get making and even more tips at the end so you can plan your next market.

1. Crochet or Knitted Accessories

If you are like me, you already have the skills to crochet or knit some things and really enjoy doing it! Making small items such as; beanies, scarves, gloves, leg warmers, lanyards, key chains, coasters, etc. is a great way to use up your stash and build your inventory pretty quickly.

TIP 1: There’s more than just winter wear! There are plenty of homely or summer items such as; cup cozies, tea towels and market bags (the perfect place to sell market bags is at a market) to keep you at markets all year round.

TIP 2: Try not to book too many markets. You are setting yourself up for stress overload and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)! The best plan is to make as much stock as possible until you have enough to book. Or if you want to hit more markets, look into a knitting machine (ADDI or even SENTRO) and an adapter so you can quickly whip up some headbands and beanies!

2. Macramé Wall Hangings & Accessories


If knotting is your jam, macramé has made a huge comeback since boho started appearing in display homes in 2010. Wall hangings in the right colours will grab the attention of anyone who walks by. Yes, wall hangings can be pricey, but why not add some coasters, plant hangers and buntings to draw more people in?

TIP 1: Have variety! Something available in most price ranges will ensure you get the attention of most people. For more ideas, why not check out Macramé for Beginners and Beyond. I have this copy and LOVE IT.

TIP 2: Colours are so important. Do your research! It needs to be able to fit in almost everyone’s home décor. And don’t be afraid to offer made to order to accommodate those who love hot pink and bright yellow!

3. Candles

The market is flooded with candles, but they sell sooooo well. Essential oils and fragrances in the home can be welcoming and relaxing, which is why we all crave to add candles to our homes. Don’t be deterred from trying to sell these at a market. Niche down to a scent range or style and get melting! Did you know the Riot have a HUGE range of candle making supplies? Browse here to get some inspiration.

TIP 1: Niching down will help you stand out in the crowd! Create a scent or style that's unique to you.

TIP 2: Save costs by reusing jars and saving dried flower petals.

4. Soaps & Bath Bombs

Soaps and bath bombs are common as well, but are still incredibly popular. As our communities are starting to think more about the environment, we are making smarter choices in our purchases. Handmade soaps and bath bombs eliminate the use of chemicals and can be made using vegan friendly bases. If you are a crocheter, you can match your soaps with a handmade soap bag or scrubber!

TIP 1: Limit the amount of work by going to a heavy duty soap loaf. All you gotta do is slice when needed!

TIP 2: Do your research! If you plan to make the base from scratch, you may need a license.

5. Resin or Clay Jewelry & Accessories

Polymer Clay Earrings by Sarah Maker – Learn how to make here

There are many ways to make jewelry, the most popular being polymer clay and resin. Pour, set and forget is perfect for people who may have a lot on. It doesn’t need to stop at earrings, necklaces or keychains. You can go as far as coasters, cheeseboards and ornaments. Riot have everything you need to get started here!

TIP 1: Pick resin or clay and then your niche. Niching down is best for this category!

6. Origami

If you are not familiar with Origami, it’s the Japanese art of folding paper. ‘Ori’ meaning ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ meaning ‘paper’. Did you know there is more things you can fold than just swans and boat hats? You can make delicate earrings, wall art, ornaments, decorations and soooo much more! Just google origami and see what you get. I guarantee you’ll be in a unique niche with origami! You can learn the art here at Craftsy!

TIP 1: Make sure you protect your work from the weather by sealing your work with glue and having boxes or sturdy bags available for your customers to avoid them getting squished and wet.

7. Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn has a target audience of wool loving crafters. If you dabble in the craft and don’t particularly want to make anything, dyeing yarn might be for you! You can use natural dyeing techniques with vegetable peels, food colouring, or acid dye. There are many ways to get creative and show off your colourful style.

TIP 1: Pick a dye type and you’ll have yourself a fun ol’ time creating colourways that speak to you!

TIP 2: Make sure your yarn base (size of yarn) is something everyone uses. If you only want to dye super bulky cotton yarn, your target audience might be a lot smaller than the sock making community.

My top tips for going to market

These are my top tips to ensure your market runs smoothly and without any hiccups.

  1. Always read the disclaimer or contact the designer of the patterns or recipes you are using to create your items and ensure you are allowed to sell the finished product.
  2. Always do market research. Visit your local market or the market you intend on joining and scope out the competition. Don’t just do what they are doing! Do something different and make yourself stand out. Joining online or Facebook market groups to discuss your market strategies and for advise is a great idea too!
  3. Make sure you have plenty of cash available to give change. Nowadays, we are withdrawing large amounts from the ATM so we don’t need to go back. If you are selling small $10 items, make sure you have change for a $50. Square Up is also a great platform to upload your inventory and sell in person with a Square Card Reader. The Square Card Reader allows the buyer to pay with a card and doesn’t need to be connected to power.
  4. Be prepared for all weather conditions and absences. There are going to be times you need to go the bathroom or step away for a snack, so have someone available to help you if you can. Marquees or car boots will protect your stock from the weather, and coats, hats and umbrellas will keep you dry. Don’t forget your cooler of drinks and snacks!
  5. If you are able to, offer small samples for those who are browsing but don’t want to buy just yet. Creating your own logo and putting it on a sample bag or card, will ensure the potential buyer remembers you and comes back.
  6. Don’t undersell yourself. Make sure, when doing your market research, you are looking at the prices and make yourself a formula. If you use 0.30c of yarn and a $2.00 lobster clip, maybe don’t sell your lanyard for $2.30, even doubling it won’t really cover the costs of attending the market, the time it took to make it, overhead costs of electricity, your card reader, petrol, etc. Make yourself a formula and stick to it. Most customers are not afraid to pay what you are asking.
  7. Be yourself. You do not need to turn into a salesperson when you join a market. Remember those salespeople that stand in the middle of the shopping center walkway asking you to donate money or spend money on something you’re not interested in? Don’t be them. Your personality should shine through your work and from you at the stall. Customers want to buy from a real person, not a car salesperson. Have fun!

These are all my tips and ideas for joining a market. Is there a craft you would like to see more of or do yourself at a market? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Until then, happy crafting!

Tegan xoxo

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